About Purpose Footwear

Welcome to Purpose Footwear.

This new footwear database has been born by combining a well travelled and physical outdoor lifestyle with knowledge of the industry.

Footwear is used for a purpose. We own many types for many different activities, and the more widespread the activities taken part in the more pair’s footwear we tend to own. Our feet serve us well in many areas of life. Get it right and you perform at your best, get it wrong and you have sore feet!

Here you will find a wide range, featuring everything from the latest running shoes, through to that classic pair of Kung Fu shoes that has been on the market forever. There will be products you might not know about yet, products you want to know more about, or even that new pair of five fingers your co-worker is raving about.

Feel free to browse around, comment, take what info you need and discard the rest.