Cambrelle is one of those logos you may well see branded on inside of your footwear or on the manufacturers box and never think twice about it.

What does it offer us? Well basically three things:

1)     A high level of cushioning- The compound Cambrelle is manufactured from these clever things called bicomponent fibres. These fibres allow the shoe lining to form to the shape of your foot, whist creating microscopic air pockets allowing a cushioning effect to be felt for enhanced comfort. This compound can furthermore still stand up to hard wear and tear of work or any hike.

2)     Foot cooling – The lining also helps to remove sweat away from the feet and escape back into the atmosphere after the user removes their foot. The manufacture states that Cambrelle can absorb three and a half times its own body weight in moisture from your foot, whist still keeping it cooler and comfortable than traditional designs.

3)     Stain resistance – Cambrelle not only keeps the foot comfortable, cushioned, dry and cool, it also protects the core of the footwear itself. By allowing the sweat to escape from the lining also helps to prevent staining caused by excess moisture and the build-up of bacteria that can cause mould, deterioration and disgusting odours. Normally not a problem if you clean your boots like you’re supposed to after every hike, however if you forget like most and leave them outside for 6 weeks covered in mud then this will help.


For more info the manufacturer website can be viewed at:

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