Hi-Tec Men’s V-Lite Infinity Hpi

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V-Lite Infinity is Hi-Tec’s blend of new technologies thrown together for production of a very light weight and breathable trail running shoe. I’ve got a soft spot for these shoes. I’m not sure if it’s the looks I like so much. It could be how light weight they are allowing me to throw them in my backpack when I go traveling. Maybe it could be I just like the brand from wearing them when I was a kid. One thing I do know is I’m sold.


V-Lite Infinity Hpi 4


Hi-Tecs Ion-Mask ™ technology used meaning the shoe is designed to gain less weight when wet. If you like to have those beach morning runs and a quick dip in the ocean this is the boot for you. It’s exactly what I have used them for time and time again. It also means you can give them a swift wash down in the sink after a muddy hike and they will come up like new again. An important thing to remember is that although these shoes will repel water and dry quickly, they are not waterproof.


 V-Lite Infinity Hpi 2


The dual-density Vibram outsole doesn’t really do much to add weight to the boot, but provide a stable footbed with just the right amount of grip for a variety of sports and hobbies. It also offers a good base that doesn’t wear easily. All in all a perfect lightweight pair of footwear for a person who wants a simple approach to their training and lifestyle, whist still keeping up with the latest technologies.


Where can I buy?

Follow this link: HI-TEC V-Lite Infinity HPi Mens Trail Running Shoes

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