Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Classic Sneaker


Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Classic Sneaker

The legendary Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Classic Sneaker was created having a white leather, sewn with reddish and orange tiger stripes and debuted in the 1968 games pre trials in Mexico in 1966. The traditional athlete continues to be reawakened nowadays and stays to become typically the most popular boot within the Onitsuka Tiger selection.

Because its rebirth, the history racing gets the entire-grain leather therapy on tiger lines and the side sections, as toecap and the heel are completed down having a sleek suede, along with a normal leather heel bill, branded using the Onitsuka Tiger logo.

Honor yourself a silver medal within the retro- sneaker opposition sporting 66 to the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico. Launched in 1966, it was used in the Olympic activities in Mexico and the very first boot using the renowned tiger lines.

Record classes apart, this really is one nice slip having upper, delicate and a leather coating and grip-caring outsole.


Perforated Footbed: The footbed enables supreme breathability to maintain the feet great under all problems, while carrying them for informal reasons.

Advanced Components: nylons and The suedes with light materials and this outline present quality, resembling the history Ontisuka Lion versions.

Padded Heel Collar: The heel collar provides a cozy and advanced assistance round the foot that is lower, which makes it an ideal lifestyle boot for reasons that are informal.

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